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So exciting…

top-fuel-injection-blowerWe read all the same stuff on Facebook that you do. We hear people giving their opinions about who is winning and not winning.

Well – guess what.

It is time to put your accelerator foot where your mouth is.

We’ve got a brand new feature that will allow you to compete against the pros in their bids to win races. Think you can beat John Force in 1999? Go for it.

Anyway – we are just putting on the finishing touches of this match race feature. But this is going to be cool.

Pro Tree? Not for me.

1996-firebird-capitol-racewayHave you ever shown up at an event and they were running a different kind of program than you thought they would? Probably not. You probably call before you go, or check their website. I failed to do those checks before driving to an event recently. And it almost bit me.

When I pulled up, I said, “No-box please” – which of course meant that I wanted to run in a foot-brake class. The guy taking my money turned his head slightly cocked and said, “No-box? We’re running only index classes today. Which class do you want to be in?” Hmm. That was a tough one. I hadn’t planned on index racing – I came to bracket race.

So I paid my entry fee, picked the class that I fit most closely and went in. Turns out, I should have watched some of the cars in my class before my run, because we running off a pro-tree. As fun as that is in theory – I hadn’t raced in a pro-tree format in a long time.

I didn’t do too bad. We did the usual stuff at the track like pumping up the front tires (decreases rollout time), and I went deeper into the staging beams. I was pretty consistent, within 0.010 +/- when the car was performing as expected (we had new slicks and traction problems and some other gremlins plaguing us) but I wouldn’t have even been close had I not ever practiced on a pro tree.

Seriously. Because I practiced here on this pro tree on, I was able to be competitive at the tree and actually blended in quite well even though my E.T. wasn’t exactly where it needed to be. It brought me a lot of peace-of-mind to be at the track and even though the program was completely different than I had planned to compete in, I was able to pivot and race competitively.

There are a few reasons why I think there is value in practicing both types of tree (pro and full) but this is the tip of the proverbial iceberg and that is the moral of the story. Hit the pro tree a few times on a regular basis so the next time you have the opportunity to race on that kind of tree (whether on-purpose or accidental) you can compete (and win!)

See ya in the pits!

How does “Lane Choice” work on Practice Tree Online?

Great question!

Empty drag racing stripJust like at the races – sometimes you get a choice, and sometimes you don’t!

For Practice Tree Online, we use a randomizer to determine if lane choice will be allowed. If lane choice is allowed – you have to be the first one to the match race and then you get to pick your lane. If you are always the second one to the race – you’ll never get to pick 🙁

Why would a racer prefer one lane over the other?

Also a great question!

For some racers seeing the tree from the left lane poses a challenge. There can be obstacles in the way. For instance – some racers have a hood scoop that impedes their ability to see the tree. For others drivers, physical limitations prevent one lane from being better than the other. At some tracks, it can be difficult to see the tree at certain times of the day because of where the sun sets. For alot of us – its a mindset thing. Any way you slice it, some of us are able to focus better on one side of the tree than others. So here is your chance to practice on the side you are weakest at.

Improve your starting line game and win more rounds!

So you’ve been to the track a few times. You finally got the courage to race your own hot rod (even though lately, the best “hot rod” you can find is mom’s old 1992 Chevy Celebrity – that’s okay we aren’t judging). We’re proud of you for going. But its time to up your game.

How can you do it?

Install slicks on your mom’s front-wheel drive car?

Yeah – you could do that.

But you can also work on improving your starting line game.

How can I get better at my starting line game? (you may be wondering)

  1. Practice
  2. Education


The first thing you can do is get better at the Christmas Tree.

When you get to the starting line – you should feel as comfortable as possible with how the tree will “feel” when the lights start. That comfort can only come with practice. If you don’t have an opportunity to get on the track every day (most of us don’t have that opportunity – what with jobs and families and stuff) then you need to do the next best thing and that is to hit the practice tree.

There are many high quality practice trees out there. But we created this website to give you a chance to practice when you aren’t in front of your hardware. You can use our practice tree any time – from any where. On your phone. On your laptop. On your desktop. On your iPad. Wherever. Whenever.

In our next post – we’ll cover the second part of getting better at your starting line game – education. Until then … happy practicing!


We are so excited to be relaunching the website. We have some BIG plans so stay-tuned and come back often. We hope to serve you in some new and exciting ways. Thanks for riding along!