How does “Lane Choice” work on Practice Tree Online?

Great question!

Empty drag racing stripJust like at the races – sometimes you get a choice, and sometimes you don’t!

For Practice Tree Online, we use a randomizer to determine if lane choice will be allowed. If lane choice is allowed – you have to be the first one to the match race and then you get to pick your lane. If you are always the second one to the race – you’ll never get to pick 🙁

Why would a racer prefer one lane over the other?

Also a great question!

For some racers seeing the tree from the left lane poses a challenge. There can be obstacles in the way. For instance – some racers have a hood scoop that impedes their ability to see the tree. For others drivers, physical limitations prevent one lane from being better than the other. At some tracks, it can be difficult to see the tree at certain times of the day because of where the sun sets. For alot of us – its a mindset thing. Any way you slice it, some of us are able to focus better on one side of the tree than others. So here is your chance to practice on the side you are weakest at.

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