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Improve your starting line game and win more rounds!

So you’ve been to the track a few times. You finally got the courage to race your own hot rod (even though lately, the best “hot rod” you can find is mom’s old 1992 Chevy Celebrity – that’s okay we aren’t judging). We’re proud of you for going. But its time to up your game.

How can you do it?

Install slicks on your mom’s front-wheel drive car?

Yeah – you could do that.

But you can also work on improving your starting line game.

How can I get better at my starting line game? (you may be wondering)

  1. Practice
  2. Education


The first thing you can do is get better at the Christmas Tree.

When you get to the starting line – you should feel as comfortable as possible with how the tree will “feel” when the lights start. That comfort can only come with practice. If you don’t have an opportunity to get on the track every day (most of us don’t have that opportunity – what with jobs and families and stuff) then you need to do the next best thing and that is to hit the practice tree.

There are many high quality practice trees out there. But we created this website to give you a chance to practice when you aren’t in front of your hardware. You can use our practice tree any time – from any where. On your phone. On your laptop. On your desktop. On your iPad. Wherever. Whenever.

In our next post – we’ll cover the second part of getting better at your starting line game – education. Until then … happy practicing!